Global Stone Workshop


Stefano Beccari, MRBS

GLOBAL STONE WORKSHOP® is an organization based in Sweden which sets up Sculpture Workshops and Art Stages in European and Asian locations.

Global Stone Workshop® was founded in 1996 and is now directed by Mr. Stefano Beccari, Stockholm, Sweden, and Master Sculptor Mr. T. Baskaran, Tamil Nadu, India.


Currently, the organization operates in Tamil Nadu, India, at Mamallapuram (grey-black soft granites and marbles); in Sweden, in the province of Bohuslän (colored granites), on the island of Gotland (limestone with imbedded fossils) and in Uppsala, carving courses (marbles); in Italy, at Marina di Carrara (marble); in Portugal, at Pero Pinheiro (colored marbles and limestone); in Spain at Canada de Benatanduz (alabaster) and in Vietnam at Da Nang (granites and marbles)

Global Stone Workshop® is open to sculptors, artists, photographers, ADs’, designers, art teachers, architects… to all those who are professionally involved with images.